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PolyCloud is the ultimate online dashboard and backup solution. With PolyCloud, you have complete control over your business data while enjoying the convenience of automatic updates in the Cloud.

Our user-friendly PolyCloud dashboard provides a clear view of data about your business. You have instant access to key statistics such as revenue, historical comparisons, and average occupancy. This allows you to make quick and informed decisions and refine your business strategy.

Adaptive en competitive

Adapt quickly through insights from your Dashboard. Take decisions the data-driven way.

Easy Navigation

Making revenue comparisons is a breeze with PolyCloud.

Easy Integration

PolyCloud is seamlessly integrated with your PolyTouch cash register.

Cash Register Systems Certification

Since 2012, we have been compliant with the reliable cash register systems certification.

Direct overview

Comparing revenue, bestsellers, or various businesses? Easily done with PolyCloud.

Safe cloud storage

PolyCloud uploads all your cash data to our servers. No more manual backups required.

With PolyCloud, you have a clear overview of your business,
At a glance!

PolyCloud: Online Dashboard & Data storage

Everything well-organized

With our user-friendly interface, you have effortless access to revenue, historical comparisons, and average occupancy. 

PolyCloud: Online Dashboard & Data storage

Our Promise

What you can expect from us

With PolyCloud, we provide you with an overview of insightful data about your business, including important metrics like revenue, historical comparisons, and average occupancy. This enables you to make strategic decisions based on up-to-date information and trends.

Furthermore, we ensure reliable data backups, which are essential for complying with the 7-year data retention requirement. Even in the event of unexpected incidents like lightning strikes and other unforeseen circumstances, you can rest assured that all your data is securely stored. This allows you to focus on your operations, knowing that your valuable data is protected.

We understand the importance of both insightful data and data protection. PolyCloud takes care of both, so you can run your business with peace of mind. Contact us to discuss the benefits of PolyCloud for your business.

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