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PolyQR offers versatile options to allow customers to order on their own devices, enabling your staff to focus on serving. Customers can order together, and with upselling and cross-selling features, you can also increase sales.

PolyQR is the new solution that allows customers to order on their own device. Using PolyQR is easy. Customers simply scan the unique QR code provided by the host/hostess. The advantage of this is that the waiter has time to explain the concept, after which customers have time to browse the menu. This generally leads to more orders. Additionally, tablemates can order simultaneously and see each other’s orders, creating a clear and enjoyable experience.


Let customers order by themselves whenever they want.

Easy Navigation

Designed for easy ordering, including smart up-selling functions.

Easy integration

Seamless integrations with our intelligent PolyTicket bar/kitchendisplays and other solutions.

Cash Register Systems Certification

Since 2012, we have been compliant with the reliable cash register systems certification.

Direct overview

Show off your menu. Attract attention with beautiful pictures of your offerings.


PolyQR operates online. All orders will be processed directly in your PolyTouch POS.

With PolyQR, you give the customer the convenience to order when they want. You maintain control over the ordering process.

PolyQR: QR Solutions

Increase sales with self-service solutions

With our user-friendly interface, customers quickly browse through your menu. Thanks to smart upselling and cross-selling features, customers typically order more. With PolyQR, you enable customers to order on their own, allowing your staff to focus on providing a hospitable service. 

PolyQR: QR Solutions

Our Promise

What you can expect from us

With PolyQR, customers have the freedom to leisurely browse the menu, resulting in an average increase in orders. They can select their dishes themselves and even have the option to share the QR code, allowing tablemates to order simultaneously. Our up-sell and cross-sell features make it easy for you to offer extras, like a bottle of water with a bottle of wine or apple pie with coffee.

Using PolyQR offers numerous benefits. Customers no longer have to wait for a waiter and can order by themselves, allowing the staff to focus on service. Orders are handled accurately and efficiently, resulting in satisfied customers who get what they order. The result? Increased revenue, a faster process, and improved customer satisfaction. Contact us to discuss the advantages of PolyQR for your business.

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