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Intuitive cash register software by Polygon. Seamlessly integrate with our QR/tablet ordering features and self-ordering kiosk for an optimal guest experience.
Experience the user-friendliness of PolyTouch in a flexible form with our new tablet-sized cash register: PolyPad!
PolyMenu is our smart tablet menu that allows your customers to order themselves. This results in a shorter and enjoyable ordering process.
The handheld device for efficient ordering. Send orders directly to PolyTicket screens and other service points.
Gain better insights into your business with our online dashboard. This way, you can fine-tune your business strategy based on real-time data with confidence.
PolyQR – the solution that enables your customers to order by themselves through their mobile phones.
A comprehensive solution for the secure online processing of the ordering process, whether it’s for takeout or optionally for meal delivery as well.
Transform the ordering experience in your business with our self-ordering kiosks. Reduce queues and experience the convenience of a fully automated ordering point for both you and your customers.
PolyTicket offers chefs and bartenders the perfect tool to optimize food preparation processes. Through our intelligent kitchen display system, you have all orders per table directly on one screen, making them easy to manage and prepare.
We offer optional advice and the installation of internet, modems, access points, and more.

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