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Reliable cash register software for tranquility, overview, and flow in your business.

PolyTouch is point-of-sale software developed in-house by Polygon, with the aim of supporting your business operations. We understand that flexibility is necessary to quickly adapt to changes in the market and the needs of your customers. With PolyTouch, we take the work off your hands and provide regular updates and technical support. 

Continuous development

We adapt quickly with our in-house programmers.

Easy Navigation

Designed to easily manage and visualize ordering processes.

Our core-product

With which all our other products are seamlessly integrated.

Cash Register Systems Certification

Since 2012, our product PolyTouch is certified as a trustworthy POS system.

Direct overview

Occupancy rate, revenue, or settlement? Easily managed with PolyTouch.

Online & Offline

PolyTouch works both online and offline. No internet? You can continue working seamlessly.

With PolyTouch, you have a clear overview of your business
At a glance!

PolyTouch: POS system

Everything well-organized

With our user-friendly interface design, you have effortless access to comprehensive order details, table occupancy, and quick checkouts. 

PolyTouch: POS system

Our Promise

What you can expect from us

With the PolyTouch interface, used daily by thousands of satisfied customers, you can expect an intuitive and user-friendly experience. All the necessary buttons and features are at your fingertips, allowing you to navigate effortlessly and make the most of the software. And the best part? There’s no steep learning curve! You can focus on satisfying your customers right away.

With PolyTouch, you gain access to a customer counter and other analytical capabilities. This allows you to gain deep insights into your customers’ preferences. You can refine your marketing strategies, create up-selling opportunities, and boost overall customer satisfaction. Additionally, you can also integrate PolyTouch with 30+ integrations. If you need further advice, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Installation and aftercare

On-site, by experienced technicians

3000+ customers

Rely on the Polytouch software from Polygon

Technical support

Reachable 7 days per week until 22:00

30+ Integrations

With your favourite payment, accounting and orderingpartners

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