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Transform the ordering experience in your business with our ordering kiosks. Reduce queues and enjoy the convenience of a fully automated ordering point for both you and your customers. Plus, no sky-high commissions and transaction fees per order. Your revenue belongs to you. That’s only fair.

PolyOrder is our advanced ordering kiosk that optimizes and simplifies your customers’ self-ordering experience. With PolyOrder, your customers can easily and quickly place and pay for their orders, resulting in larger average orders and a more efficient ordering process. The intuitive interface and integrated payment options provide a seamless experience for both your customers and your staff.

You save on labor costs while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction and the efficiency of your operations!


Allow customers the time and space to order at their pace.

Easy Navigation

Designed for easy ordering, with smart up-sell fucntions.

Easy Integration

Seamless integrations with our intelligent PolyTicket bar/kitchendisplays and other solutions.

Cash Register Systems Certification

Since 2012, we have been compliant with the reliable cash register systems certification.

Direct overview

Your menu on a pedestal. Entice customers with beautiful pictures of your offerings.


PolyOrder operates online. All orders will be processed directly in your PolyTouch POS.


With PolyOrder, you provide the customer with their own ordering point while maintaining control over the ordering process.

PolyOrder: Self-service Kiosk

Click. Order. Serve.

With our user-friendly interface, customers quickly browse through your menu. Thanks to smart upselling and cross-selling features, on average,customers also order more. With PolyOrder, you let customers order themselves, allowing your staff to focus on serving.

PolyOrder: Self-service Kiosk

Our Promise

What you can expect from us

PolyOrder is the smart solution that helps your business handle more orders without the need for additional staff. We provide your customers with their own ordering point, which has been proven to result in larger order values. This success is driven by smart upselling and cross-selling techniques integrated into the interface.

In addition, PolyOrder offers direct payment options through the integrated printer and card reader. This convenient feature benefits both your customers and your business by ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction. Optionally, we offer a buzzer system, allowing customers to know exactly when their order is ready, minimizing wait times and enhancing the overall experience.

PolyOrder is available in various sizes, from compact desktop models that fit on the counter to freestanding systems. There’s always one that suits your business. We’re happy to advise you on the possibilities.

Installation and aftercare

On-site, by experienced technicians

3000+ customers

Trust Polygon’s automation solutions

Technical support

Reachable 7 days per week until 22:00

30+ Integrations

With your favourite payment, accounting and orderingpartners

Kiosks in all shapes and sizes.

Including delivery and installation, so you only need to choose the one that fits your establishment best.

PolyOrder: Self-service Kiosk
PolyOrder: Self-service Kiosk
PolyOrder: Self-service Kiosk

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