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The intelligent bar/kitchen screens for tranquility, overview, and flow in your business. Bring orders from various channels together on your screens and serve with ease. Upgrade your production process with PolyTicket.

PolyTicket provides chefs and bartenders with the perfect tool to streamline preparation processes. Through our intelligent screens, you have all orders per table displayed on a single screen, allowing you to manage and prepare them with ease.

Continuous development

We adapt quickly with our in-house programmers.

Easy Navigation

Designed for clarity. Manage and relocate orders with ease, creating balance.

Easy Integration

Seamless integration with out PolyMenu tablets and other solutions.

Cash Register Systems Certification

Since 2012, we have been compliant with the reliable cash register systems certification.

Direct overview

Splitting dishes per table or by section? Easily done with PolyTicket.

Online & Offline

PolyTicket works both online and offline. No internet? You can continue working seamlessly.

PolyTicket brings tranquility, overview, and flow to your kitchen and bar.
Opt for a smooth serving process. 

PolyTicket: Intelligent bar/kitchendisplays

Everything well-organized

With our user-friendly interface, your chefs and bartenders have immediate visibility into all orders per table, and completed orders can be marked as done. No more separate tickets.

PolyTicket: Intelligent bar/kitchendisplays

Our Promise

What you can expect from us

Meet PolyTicket, the intelligent display for your kitchen brigade and bar staff that works seamlessly with the PolyTouch cash register system, PolyRemote handheld, and PolyMenu tablets.

With PolyTicket, chefs and bartenders have a complete overview of all orders on the screen, organized by table. No more hassle with separate tickets, but a streamlined system that brings peace and order.

With PolyTicket, you have control over the bar and kitchen. You can arrange dishes by course per table, providing a clear overview of the meal’s progress. Additionally, you can set preparation times and apply smart color-coding to enhance clarity.

With PolyTicket, you and your staff maintain full control, ensuring an efficient and streamlined work environment, even during peak hours. Interested? We’d be happy to demonstrate how PolyTicket can support your business.

Installation and aftercare

On-site, by experienced technicians

3000+ customers

Trust Polygon’s automation solutions

Technical support

Reachable 7 days per week until 22:00

30+ Integrations

With your favourite payment, accounting and orderingpartners

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