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The beginning

Polygon emerged from a passion for technology and the need for efficiency in the hospitality industry. Thirty years ago, Paul Verheijde, a computer science student with a fascination for Chinese and Japanese language, developed a point-of-sale application for Chinese restaurants. This innovative application allowed orders to be entered at the counter, after which the kitchen chef would receive the Chinese recipes on their printer.

What started as a niche market quickly revealed itself as a gap in the market. Together with his wife Sui-Lan, who had a background in the hospitality industry, they dedicated themselves to growing Polygon into a renowned name in the hospitality world. With a strong market share in Chinese-Indonesian cuisine and an expanding customer base that includes various international restaurant chains, bowling centers, highway restaurants, hotels, and even cruise ships, Polygon has established a solid position.

The success of Polygon is built on a combination of technological expertise and a profound understanding of the needs of the hospitality industry. By continuously innovating and evolving alongside the industry, Polygon assists restaurant owners and hospitality entrepreneurs in streamlining their business processes and delivering a seamless guest experience. With a dedicated team committed to quality and customer satisfaction, Polygon continues to provide advanced and user-friendly solutions to its clients.


At Polygon, our purpose has always been to provide innovative solutions and continuously evolve. With over 30 years of experience, we understand the importance of immersing ourselves in our customers’ business operations and understanding their processes. By empathizing with their situation and leveraging our broad knowledge and expertise, we can deliver effective solutions tailored to their specific needs. In this way, we can help create a better flow, regardless of the type of establishment.

Our goal is to provide more clarity to our customers and ensure greater satisfaction for their guests. We strive to relieve the workload of their staff, allowing them to focus entirely on serving customers. By offering efficient and integrated solutions, we help streamline processes and enhance overall business performance.

Benefit from our knowledge and expertise in automation, based on our experience with thousands of restaurants. We understand what you need to run a successful business.


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